FACP Loop Expander Card for VS1 & VS4 Control Panel

The V-SLC2-1 Loop Expander Card provides an additional device loop on the control panel, while the V-SLC2-2 provides two loops.  The card expands the VS4 control panel's device capability to 1,000 device addresses total, 250 per loop (125 detectors and 125 modules).


  • Control Panel must be CU Firmware Revision 4.0 or higher
  • Wiring Class B or Class A
  • Operating voltage 24 VDC
  • Operating current (fully loaded loop; standby: 60 mA, Alarm: 125 mA
  • Communication line voltage is Max. 20.6 V peak-to-peak
  • Terminal rating 12 to 18 AWG (0.75 to 2.5 sq. mm)
  • Circuit current 0.5 A max.
  • Max. total loop resistance 66 Ω
  • Max. total loop capacitance 0.5 μF
  • Isolators 64 isolators maximum (total both isolator bases and modules)
  • Ground fault impedance 0 to 5 kΩ
  • Operating environment: 32 to 120°F (0 to 49°C); 0 to 93% RH, noncondensing at 90°F (32°C)

Note: The operating current ratings do not include the use of two-wire smoke modules.

Note: The VS1 only works with the V-SLC2-1 Loop Expander Card.

FACP Loop Expander Card for VS1 & VS4 Control Panel
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