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Call us for Central Station Monitoring in NYC.  Our central station is FDNY Approved and we are able to connect to any fire alarm system at any property even if the property does not carry our equipment.  


Our central station has been in business since 1977, providing stability and decades of hands-on experience.  We are committed to offering our customers the best options in both residential and commercial fire alarm and security monitoring.


To enable full oversight of the operations, our central station company is centralized in a 7,000 square-foot UL listed facility on Long Island.  Housing the Central Station command center, administrative offices and training operations, this base was custom designed to optimize communications among various Central Station personnel--providing the highest level of security for all our customers.


Our central station operators receive ongoing security training through the Central Station Alarm Association.  Initial job instructions and testing is completed before new employees enter the command center for supervised monitoring training.

All telephone conversations are recorded and monitored by supervisors 24 hours a day, seven days a week to insure that all operators are courteous, polite and professional at all times with customers


When an alarm condition exists, every second counts.  Immediately upon receiving an alarm signal, our central station operators are speed dialing the premise and/or the local authorities.  Our central station's autodial technology allows them to make contact without delay or any change of a misdial.  Numbers dialed are automatically logged into a computer history for later retrieval, and all operator activities and notifications are time and date stamped.  The most advanced technology and the finet operators in the industry give our central station truly superior response time.


Our central station has three fully operational computer systems, each with its own UPS.  This includes an off-site redundant backup system in Michigan to further protect customers if there is a disaster in our region of New York.  A triple-redundant computer system is the most reassuring option for your customer's safety.  Our central station also utilizes a backup telephone system for further security.


  • Digital transmission
  • Long-range radio
  • Cellular
  • Internet
  • Remote video
  • Listen-in/two-way voice
  • Off-site access control administration
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)


  • UL 2050 (National Industrial Securities Systems Monitoring)
  • UL CPVX-UL Central Station Burglary Alarm Systems
  • CVSG-UL Mercantile Burglary Alarm Systems
  • UUFX Protective Signaling Services
  • FDNY Approved
  • CSAA 5-Diamond Certified


Out central station's nationwide toll-free lines allow us to monitor any premise or commercial establishment throughout the continental Unites States.



     3 RCNY §17-01


We provide the electrical removal and/or installation of your equipment in compliance with the electrical code.



NOTE: Actual costs will be determined upon the provision of further information.  Call or e-mail for details.

Services - Monitoring
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