Audio Amplifier - Intelligent

SIGA amplifiers are high efficiency switch mode audio amplifiers available in 30 and 50 watt sizes. Amplifiers have two input channels supporting dual channel or single channel audio applications. Amplifier project application flexibility is enhanced by provision for input levels at 1Vrms or 25Vrms. This allows SIGA amplifiers to obtain their input from a line level signal or the output of another 25Vrms amplifier.  This feature provides great application flexibility helping meet project requirements.

Input channel selection is made through system software programming transmitted to the amplifier via a Signature data circuit. This reduces wiring interconnect requirements by reducing the number of control modules needed.

Each amplifier has provision for connecting back up amplification. Amplifiers can be backed up one-to-one or multiple amplifiers can have one shared back up amplifier. In addition to back up amplifiers each SIGA amplifier has an on board 1kHz tone generator that can activate in the event of input failure or if no back up amplifier is available. 

 Standard Features 

  • Remote or Local mounting 
  • Two channel input 
  • Connects to signature data circuit. Allows switching between two channels without additional control modules. Eliminates the need for additional amplifier monitoring
  • Output selectable as 25Vrms or 70Vrms 
  • Dual input level allows the use of a 1Vrms or 25Vrms input signal
  • Back up amplifier connection 
  • Back up 1kHz tone generator 
  • Class A or Class B Output
  • 30W amplifier requires 1.55A @ 24Vdc
  • 50W amplifier requires 2.80A @ 24Vdc
  • Dimensions: H3.125" x W10.625" x D2.00"

Note: Use the GSA-CC1 to select floors and transmit one signal at the input of module.  Use the GSA-MAB for Class-A audio circuit

Note: Use the GSA-CC2 to select floors and transmits one of two signals at the input of module (EVAC or ALERT signal).

Note: Mount up to two (2) audio amplifiers inside the APSxA power supply.  The APSxA power supply is typically used for housing the two SIGA-AA30/50 amplifiers.

Note: Requires the Audio Channel Selector (ACHS) card to convert digital audio from an EAEC card into an analog preamp signal on VM systems.

Note: Requires two (2) module addresses.  When the primary/first address is activated the amplifier will select the signal on channel 1.  Activating both addresses selects the signal on channel 2.



Audio Amplifier - Intelligent
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