Battery - 12V/7AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Amstron valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries are maintenance free, easy to handle, rugged and economical. It has a characteristic of high discharge rate, wide operating temperature, long service life and deep discharge recover.

Standard Features

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.96 '' x 2.58 ''x 3.65 ''
  • 12V 7 Amp Hour
  • 6 cell battery rated at 12V 7Ah 84Whr
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance
  • Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position
  • Power/volume ratio yielding unrivaled energy density
  • Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A., I.C.A.O., F.A.A
  • 1 Yr. Battery Warranty
  • UL recognized under file number MH47341
  • Equivalent to OEM Part Numbers: NP7-12, PS-1270, AP-1270F1
  • F1 Terminal
  • Agency Certifications: CE, UR


  • UPC Code: 880487207655
Battery - 12V/7AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
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  • Item #: AP-1270F1
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