Battery Cabinet

The battery cabinet is a surface mounted secure enclosure for the installation of backup batteries. The cabinet is constructed of 16 gauge steel and features a locking door. A terminal strip and in-line fuse is mounted within the cabinet to facilitate battery wiring and safety.  The cabinet are free-standing with a key-lock. Electrical knockouts are provided on the top and sides of the cabinet with keyhole mounting slots on the back panel.

The battery cabinet is designed for housing large batteries which are too large to fit inside standard surface and semi-flush mounted enclosures. Cabinets may be bolted together vertically to increase capacity.

The BC-1 can fit up to two 12V45AH batteries and the BC-2 can fit up to two 12V9AH batteries (refer to dimensions below).  Larger battery sizes, up to the limitations of the battery charger, can be accomodated by using individual cabinets for each battery.


  • Material 16 Gauge Steel
  • Finish Off-White and Red
  • Agency Listings: UL864
  • Dimensions (BC1): H14.00" x W16.00" x D7.25"
  • Dimensions (BC2): H14.50" x W21.62" x D2.75"
Battery Cabinet
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  • Item #: BC
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Price $164.00

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