Carbon Monoxide Detector, Residential and Commercial Duty

The Macurco CM-E1 combines innovation with a smooth and easy installation system to provide carbon monoxide detection in residential and commercial office environment.  Replaces the CM-15A.

Standard Features

  • Integrated 85 dBa Temporal-4 code sounder for local notification
  • Uses highly reliable, commercial-grade, electro-chemical sensing technology
  • Self-diagnostics keep the device operating optimally throughout its service life
  • Wall-mount at least 5 ft. above finished floor
  • Ceiling-mount at least 1 ft. from any wall
  • Sensor is unaffected by fluctuations in normal indoor temperature
  • Built-in trouble/power supervision relay
  • 9-32VDC operation at 15mA in Normal and at 35 mA in Alarm
  • Form C relay alarm contacts (SPST) (NO, C)
  • Form A relay trouble contacts (SPST) (NC, C) - contact is maintained closed while unit is powered
  • 10 year electromechanical sensor
  • Transmits sensor end-of-life to the control panel and central station if the system is monitored (trouble)
  • Fully listed to the latest UL-2075 CO standard for residential or commercial occupancies
  • Large terminals ease wiring installation 14 to 22 AWG
  • One-touch TEST/RESET button simplifies local operation
  • On-board LED provides local alarm and trouble indication
  • Inconspicuous footprint and attractively contoured design


  • Intended for ordinary indoor-dwelling unit applications in both residential and commercial occupancies
  • Single/multiple family residential occupancies, hotel rooms, dorm rooms, and other areas approved by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). 

Link to States which have adopted CO detection legislation


Not intended for use in industrial applications such as gasoline refineries or parking garages, which require different listings.  For this application use the CM-6 industrial grade CO Detector.



Carbon Monoxide Detector, Residential and Commercial Duty
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