Digital Alarm Communicator (F-Series Panel)

The F-DACT(F) is a digital alarm communicator transmitter for F-series fire alarm control panels. The F-DACT(F), also called a dialer, transmits system status changes (events) to a compatible digital alarm communicator receiver over the public switched telephone network. The dialer is capable of split reporting to two different account and telephone numbers.

In addition to dialer functions, the F-DACT(F) provides:

  • An LCD to display event messages and programming prompts
  • An event history log of panel and DACT events
  • A modem for uploading and downloading panel configuration, history, and current status to a PC running compatible software

The F-DACT(F) can be programmed to operate as a single or dual line DACT/Modem/LCD display, a Modem/LCD display, or an LCD display only. For the F-DACT(F) to be NFPA 72 CS compliant, the following are required:

  • The factory installed warning label must be removed from the F-DACT(F)’s line two phone jack
  • A second phone line, independent of that used for line one must be connected to phone jack two
  • The F-DACT(F) must be programmed for dual line operation
  • The F-DACT(F) must be programmed to transmit a test signal at least once every 24 hour
  • Agency Listings: UL, ULC, FM. CSFM, FCC

Note: The F-DACT(F) modem is only rated for 2400 baud communication. Some PC modems may not be compatible with this baud rate.

Note: DACT includes a plug-to-plug cord.  Provide RJ31X jacks separately.

Digital Alarm Communicator (F-Series Panel)
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