Duct Smoke Detector Air Velocity Test Kit (Stoppers Only)

The Velocity Test Kit is used in conjunction with a suitable air pressure differential meter (sold separately) to measure the air pressure differential between the air sampling tube and the air exhaust tube inside a SuperDuct™ duct smoke detector. The kit contains two rubber stoppers, two metal tubes, and two rubber hoses.

For the duct smoke detector to operate as designed, there must be a sufficient amount of difference in air pressure between the air inlet and the air exhaust to pull smoke particulate through the sensing chamber.  Air pressure differential must be measured when the duct smoke detector is first installed. Air pressure differential must measure between 0.005 and 1.00 inches of water. If the air pressure differential does not fall within this range, check the duct smoke detector for air leaks or blockages.

Duct Smoke Detector Air Velocity Test Kit (Stoppers Only)
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