Electromagnetic Door Holders

The security electromagnetic door holder is ruggedly constructed and attractively designed.  The housing is finished with an aluminum color, durable baked polyester powder paint. The floor or wall section houses the electromagnet while the contact plate attaches to the door. The contact plate has a shock absorbing nylon (swivel) ball which allows the plate to adjust to any door angle. Floor units are available in single-door or double-door (back to back) versions. Wall units are available in flush or surface mounted versions. GE Security door releases should be installed wherever doors may be effectively used to confine smoke and fire, or where the release of a self-closing door from a remote location is desirable for other reasons.

Fail-safe operation is an inherent feature of GE Security door holder-releases. If power fails, doors are released automatically but may be opened or closed manually at any time. All units are free of moving parts, are self-contained and require no maintenance.

These door holder-releases have a holding force of approximately 15 to 25 Lbf (66 to 111N). The device holds a door open while energized. When de-energized by a relay controlled by the fire alarm system or other switch, the door is released to a closed position, checking the spread of smoke and flames. Electromagnetic door holders should be used and installed in accordance with local Building Codes and Standards.

Standard Features

  • Floor and wall mounted styles
  • Low power consumption
  • 24VAC/DC and 120VAC models @ 0.015 Amps
  • Completely silent operation
  • 25 Lbf (111N) nominal holding force
  • Adjustable, swivel contact plate
  • Agency Listings: UL, ULC, FM, MEA


Electromagnetic Door Holders
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