Loudspeaker - Weatherproof

The HPSA15 loudspeaker is a high-efficiency double re-entrant loudspeaker that delivers up to 15-watts of continuous power. Its unique design provides exceptional intelligibility, making it ideal for fire alarm and life safety applications. It is UL 1480 listed as a fire protective signalling speaker. 

The HPSA15 operates within a nominal frequency response range of 400-14,000 Hz, and provides audible output of 120 dB (peak at one meter) at the rated power level. It includes a versatile, three-way, 25/70.7 V line transformer that meets a variety of distributed system needs. The transformer is adjustable by means of a convenient seven-position, watts/impedance selection switch. This labor-saving switch is screwdriver adjustable and includes a protective cover with built-in cable strain relief. 

The HPSA15 features an innovative mounting bracket that, with a single adjustment, provides precise positioning in both the vertical and horizontal planes. It also allows the HPSA15 to be installed on conventional surfaces or strap-mounted on I-beams or pillars. Durable epoxy-coated metal and ABS plastic components are weather-resistant suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

Standard Features 

  • Multiple Watt settings
  • Superior intelligibility for voice and tone signaling 
  • High-efficiency driver with proven performance reliability 
  • Suitable for installation on supervised circuits 
  • Includes a versatile 25/70.7 transformer for line applications 
  • UL 1480 listed as fire protective signalling speakers 
  • Adjustable bracket for precise positioning 
  • Environment resistant for outdoor and indoor use 
  • Available in gray or red finish 


HPSA15 weather-resistant loudspeakers feature highly intelligible voice and signal transmission for medium-power indoor and outdoor fire alarm, mass notification, and security applications. They incorporate high-efficiency compression drivers that project sound over long distances or wide areas with fewer loudspeakers. HPSA15 loudspeakers are ideal for installation in commercial buildings, distribution centers, factories, schools, public access areas, civic centers and recreational facilities. They are suitable for installation on supervised circuits.


Loudspeaker - Weatherproof
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