Manual Pull Station Protective Cover

This unique and patented device helps to prevent false fire alarms without restricting legitimate alarms. It consists of a tamper-proof, clear Lexan polycarbonate shield and frame that fits easily over manual pull stations. When lifted to gain access to the actual alarm, it sounds a piercing warning horn. Immediate attention is drawn to the pull station and a prankster will run or be caught. Legitimate alarms can still be pulled. Use proven in thousands of applications around the world-including colleges, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, correctional institutions, hotels/motels and stores.

Standard Features

  • Fits virtually all pull stations
  • Unconditional lifetime guarantee against breakage and damage to molded polycarbonate cover
  • Guards against physical damage to manual pull station
  • Cover is UV-stabilized
  • 9-volt alkaline battery is included on horn models
  • All surface-mount Indoor models include the 2" spacer (STI-3100) and 1/2" conduit gasket (STI-3003) as a standard
  • All surface-mount Outdoor models include the 2" spacer (STI-3100), 1/2" conduit gasket (STI-3003) and two (2) weather gaskets (STI-3002)
  • For surface-mount models, if conduit is 3/4" then purchase separately the flush-mount models (Indoor STI-1100 w/horn or STI-1130 w/o horn) or (Outdoor STI-1150 w/horn or STI-1250 w/o horn) along with the model STI-3104 kit which includes (1) 2" spacer (STI-3100) modified for 3/4" conduit opening, (1) 3/4" conduit gasket model STI-3004 and (1) weather gasket (STI-3002)
  • Agency Listings: UL, ULC, NEMA 3R, FM, ADA, BSA, MEA


  • The manual pull station for outdoor models must also be rated for outdoor use
  • The surface-mount box for outdoor models must also be rated for outdoor use
  • The manufacturer recommends that the neoprene weather gaskets (STI-3002) be replaced every 5-years
  • Replace battery annually and test horn annually


Manual Pull Station Protective Cover
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