Map Fault Finder (SIGA-MFT)

The SIGA-MFT (Map Fault Finder Tool) - a powerful diagnostic tool that pinpoints mapping issues on the Signature Series signaling line sircuit (SLC).  Now common wiring and installation problems, as well as intermittent operating devices, can be easily identified - without the time spent and disruption cuase by eliminating problem addresses one device at a time.  The SIGA-MFT connects between the SLC and a laptop computer through a standard USB port and reports onscreen, via Windows 7 compatible software.

The SIGA-MFT runs a variety of tests and diagnostic routines including:

  • The identification of all programmed devices attached to the SLC;
  • The identification of end-of-line devices;
  • A thorough connection integrity analysis on detectors and modules;
  • A comprehensive map consistency analysis on detectors and modules;
  • The identification of the detectors and modules that fail connection integrity analysis; and,
  • The identification of the detectors and modules that fail map consistency;
  • Device related issues that commonly cause map faults and map mismatch faults;
  • SIGA-MFT also analyzes SLC communications to uncover such wiring problems as:
    • Reversed IN/OUT wiring
    • Wiring loops within loops (nested loop wiring)
    • Short circuits in the SLC
    • Reversed polarity connection to the SIGA-MFT
    • False EOL devices or T-taps

The SIGA-MFT saves time and money by accomplishing in only minutes a task that could take a technician hours to resolve.  It gives your field people the confidence they need to reach quickly and effectively to unexpected issues so you can plan their service calls more efficiently.  It makes for happier customers, unburdened by disruptive hunts by your service personnel for wiring faults and problematic devices.  

The SIGA-MFT comes complete with a USB flash drive containing a setup program that installs the SIGA-MFT software and user guide on your PC.  Also included is an external 24VDC power supply (optional) and USB cable.

Prior to connecting to the fire alarm control panel, this indispensable tool will Certify (new installations) or Re-Certify (modifications or repairs) the Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) under test by performing the above described diagnostic routines.


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Map Fault Finder (SIGA-MFT)
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