Module - Sync Signal Master (MG1M-xx)

The Signal Master is a simple-to-use accessory that adds enhanced features to Genesis strobes and horn-strobes as well as Enhanced Integrity strobes. It is a dual-purpose module that provides precision synchronization for connected strobes, and independent control for connected Genesis horns over a single pair of wires.

All Genesis and Enhanced Integrity strobes are self-synchronizing. When installed with the Signal Master, strobe flashes from devices on the same circuit are synchronized to within 10 milliseconds of each other indefinitely. This exceeds the latest UL 1971 requirements in effect as of November 2000, which specify this level of synchronization over only two hours.

Two mounting options ensure trouble-free installation of the Signal Master Module. The “snap-on” piggyback model doesn’t require a separate electrical box. It simply snaps to the back of the first signal on the circuit. The remote mount model mounts in a North American 21⁄2 inch (64 mm) deep one-gang box. 

It may also be mounted to any SIGA-MP mounting plate, or directly to the rails provided inside MIRBPS Remote Booster Power Supply cabinets.

Standard Features

  • Compatible with Genesis and Enhanced Integrity products
  • Provides UL 1971 compliant synchronization for all strobes on the same circuit
  • Delivers independent horn control for horn-strobes over two- wire Genesis circuits. Two methods of horn control available: traditional NAC signal silence or normally-closed contact
  • Convenient snap-on or single-gang remote models
  • Only one module required per circuit
  • 3 amp rating (MG1M-RM only)
  • Agency Listings: UL, ULC, FM, CSFM, CE, FCC, MEA


Module - Sync Signal Master (MG1M-xx)
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