Power Supply-Auxiliary

The Auxiliary Power Supply (APS) is a self-contained 24 Vdc power supply designed to augment fire alarm audible and visual power requirements as well as provide auxiliary power for life safety and security applications. The APS contains all of the necessary circuits to monitor and charge batteries, control and supervise four Class B or two Class A NAC circuits and monitor two controlling inputs from external sources. 

Each Auxiliary Power Supply is supplied with its own extra large enclosure providing space for up to two 24 Ah batteries  and additional option modules in a number of mounting configurations. Two option modules can be installed on the mounting brackets inside the enclosure.  An MP2L mounting plate can be mounted at the top of the enclosure with capacity for additional modules.  The GSA-REL, and GSA-UIO2/6/6R can also be mounted at the top of the enclosure.

Standard Features

  • Extends power available to Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs)
  • Provides strobe synchronization
  • Available in 10 Amp and 6.5 Amp versions
  • Power LED remains visible with cabinet door closed
  • Integrated mounting options for interface modules
  • Includes four independent 3 Amp NACs each configurable as auxiliary outputs
  • Configurable signal rates
  • Field selectable input-to-output correlation
  • Two inputs allow activation by Signature Series modules or existing NACs
  • NACs configure for either four Class B or two Class A circuits. Additional Class A NACs can be added by using intelligent addressable modules (GSA-MAB)
  • 110 Vac and 230 Vac versions
  • On-board status LEDs for easy recognition of wiring faults
  • Supports up to 24 Amp hour batteries for fire and security applications, up to 65 Amp hour for access control applications
  • Batteries up to two 12V 24 Ah batteries fit in the enclosure
  • One dedicated Aux. Ouput at 200 mA
  • Agency Listings: UL, ULC
  • Dimensions: H26.0" x W15.0" x D5.3" 

NOTE:  One CT1 module is recommended to supervise loss of AC power.  Snap-mount the CT1 module in the power supply.

NOTE: Use the Battery Enclosure for sizes greater than 12V 24 Ah batteries.

NOTE: At the top of the steel enclosure, the APS has space and mounting bosses for:

NOTE: Comes with four (4) end-of-line resistors at 15KΩ 1/4W, battery leads, 20 metal screws, 20 metal washers and 20 1/2" threaded metal spacers

NOTE: Order the seismic battery retention kit.

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Power Supply-Auxiliary
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