Reflective Beam Smoke Detector

The EC5000R comprises a transmitter and receiver in a single enclosure. The transmitter emits an invisible infrared light beam that is reflected via a reflector mounted directly opposite and within a clear line of sight. The reflected infrared light is detected by the receiver and analyzed. Smoke in the beam path will reduce the received infrared light proportionally to the density of the smoke. The detector analyzes this attenuation and initiates an alarm condition when a predetermined level of obscuration is reached. 

The EC5000R System features advanced innovations such as auto-alignment, which indicates the optimal location of the reflector by means of an integrated laser. Once installed, the system automatically steers and maintains the beam to the optimum position for reliable performance. 

Standard Features

  • Range of 26.25 to 330 ft. (8 m to 100 m)
  • Ground level controller with LCD display for easy system maintenance and testing
  • Up to four detector heads reporting to one controller
  • Laser-assisted reflector mounting speeds installation
  • Automatic beam alignment increases reliability
  • Contamination compensation reduces nuisance alarms
  • Building shift compensation maintains system integrity
  • Separate alarm and trouble contacts for easy configuration
  • Built-in electronic UL/ULC obscuration accepted fire test
  • Password protected settings for added security
  • Programmable fire thresholds for application flexibility
  • Listings: UL, ULC, FM, CSFM, MEA


NOTE: The reflective beam detectors come standard with a single reflector.

NOTE: Use a CT1 module to monitor the Alarm and Trouble contacts.



Reflective Beam Smoke Detector
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