Smoke Control Keyswitch Assembly

Keyswitch for NYC Post-Fire Smoke Purge Control applications requiring activation of control functions.

Standard Features

  • NEMA 4 rated gray enclosure
  • Inner rubber gasket to seal out dust and water
  • UL Listed switch: 125Vac @ 18Amps / 250Vac @ 15Amps
  • Actuates one of the two switches when turned either left or to the right.  Key stays in place---no spring return.  Key pulls out when in center position only
  • Tamperproof - requires key operation to open 
  • Two isolated and separate switches each wired for N.O. contact (wire can be changed to the N.C. side on either or both switches).  Switches can be supervised by any input monitor module or other input to make part of a control system or used directly for ON/OFF control functions (see switch manufacturer's specs below).  Use our CT1 or CT2 Monitor Module to supervise one or both switches and allow for programming control functions
  • Plastic Signage Option: White letters on red background
  • Dimensions: H=4-3/8", W=4-1/8", D=2-5/8"



Smoke Control Keyswitch Assembly
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  • Item #: EZFC-NYC1KX-R
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Price $280.00

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