Smoke and Heat Detector Base, Addressable E-FSA & V-Series

The B4U Analog Standard Detector Base provides mounting support and electrical connections for the V-PHS, V-PS, V-HRD and V-HFD also for the E-HD, E-PD and E-PHD smoke detectors.

The RB4U Analog Relay Detector Base is designed to add relay functionality to the listed compatible detectors. Form C latching relay contacts are included for the control of appliances such as door closers, fans, dampers, etc.  The relay is activated by the smoke detector upon an alarm condition and no separate power source is required to power the relay.

The IB4U Analog Isolator Detector Base is used to protect a Class A SLC from total collapse due to wire-to-wire short circuits. This is accomplished by isolating the part of the loop containing the short from the remainder of the circuit. When the cause of the short circuit is corrected, restore the loop by resetting the control panel.

The SB4U Analog Audible Detector Base adds an audible output function to the listed compatible detectors. The base can operate as an independent local alarm, or as part of a zone or system alarm with synchronized audible output.  The base is configured to produce a settable high dBA (default) or low dBA (cut jumper).  The tone is settable at temporal (default) or steady (cut jumper) tone and is connected to a notification appliance circuit that outputs a continuous 24Vdc.

Standard Features

  • Bases mount to standard North American two-gang or 4" square electrical boxes
  • Manufactured to strict international ISO 9001 standards
  • Assembled using surface mount technology for RF resistance
  • Conformally coated components resist dust and humidity
  • The base uses the same address as the detector it supports
  • Low Profile Design
  • Agency Listings: UL, ULC

NOTE: Base comes with metal adapter bracket for mounting base to 4" square electrical boxes.

Smoke and Heat Detector Base, Addressable E-FSA & V-Series
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