Smoke and Heat Detector Base-Signature Series


Signature Series detectors mount to North American 1-gang boxes, 3-1/2 inch or 4 inch octagon boxes, and to 4 inch square electrical boxes 1-1/2 inches (38 mm) deep. They mount to European BESA and 1-gang boxes with 60.3 mm fixing centers. 

Standard Base GSA-SB, GSA-SB4 - This is the basic mounting base for Edwards Signature Series detectors. The GSA-LED Remote LED is supported by the Standard Base. 

Relay Base GSA-RB, GSA-RB4 - This base includes a relay. Normally open or closed operation is selected during installation. The dry contact is rated for 1 amp (pilot duty) @ 30 Vdc. The relay’s position is supervised to avoid accidentally jarring it out of position. The GSA-RB can be operated as a control relay if programmed to do so at the control panel (MIR3 V.2 only). The relay base does not support the GSA-LED Remote LED. 

Note: The relay in the relay base is individually programmable.

Isolator Base GSA-IB, GSA-IB4 - This base includes a built-in line fault isolator for use on Class A circuits. A detector must be installed for it to operate. The isolator base does not support the GSA-LED Remote LED. 

The isolator operates as follows: 

  • a short on the line causes all isolators to open within 23 msec 
  • at 10 msec intervals, beginning on one side of the Class A circuit nearest the loop controller, the isolators close to provide the next isolator down the line with power 
  • when the isolator next to the short closes, reopens within 10 msec. 

The process repeats beginning on the other side of the loop controller. 

Audible Base GSA-AB4G This base is designed for use where localized or group alarm signaling is required. When the detector senses an alarm condition, the audible base emits a local alarm signal. 



Relay and Audible Bases operate as follows:  

  • at system power-up or reset, the relay is de-energized 
  • when a detector is installed in the base with the power on, the relay energizes for four seconds, then de-energizes 
  •  when a detector is removed from a base with the power on, the relay is de-energized 
  •  when the detector enters the alarm state, the relay is energized. 


Remote LED GSA-LED - The remote LED connects to the GSA-SB or GSA-SB4 Standard Base only. It features a North American size 1-gang plastic faceplate with a white finish and red alarm LED. 

Smoke and Heat Detector Base-Signature Series
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