Smoke and Heat Detector, Conventional-500 Series (CleanMe)

The 500 Series conventional photoelectric smoke detectors bring together trusted technology and a full line of features that meet the demands of every type of application. The 500 offers sounders, specifically to meet residential code requirements., dust compensation, field replaceable optical chambers, and self-diagnostics. CleanMe is only available on the 500 2-wire models and will communicate to the F-Series panels when servicing is required.

The 500 Series also offers choices for optional auxiliary relays and isolated heat sensors, not available before in the 500 Series.  500 Series detectors work on a light-scattering principle. A pulsed infrared light-emitting diode serves as the light source, and a high-speed photo diode as the sensing element. This design has superior protection against nuisance alarms caused by dust, insects, RF interference, and ambient light.

The proprietary optical chamber is field replaceable. In the event of a confirmed alarm the LED will light continuously. The unit indicates trouble by flashing the LED every second. This meets the NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements.

Units with built-in 85dBA sounders emit a temporal 3-3-3 tone pattern when in alarm and will emit a steady tone when the input power is reversed.

Standard Features

  • Remote maintenance (CleanMe) reporting (2-wire models) and built-in drift compensation reduces false alarms
  • Self diagnostics eliminates the need for external meters
  • Field-replaceable optical chamber makes service fast and simple
  • Small, low profile design blends with any environment
  • Optional auxiliary functions include:
  • Integral sounder
  • Fixed/Rate-of-Rise heat detector
  • Auxiliary relay
  • Single station smoke with system heat detector
  • Built-in power supervision relay
  • Agency Listings: UL, ULC, CSFM, MEA

Note: Smoke head comes with dust cover for use during construction phase.



Smoke and Heat Detector, Conventional-500 Series (CleanMe)
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